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Health and safety is central to our entire business and we endeavour to build our reputation by maintaining our companies positive safety culture.


At Highline we use trusted IRATA level 3 supervisors to lead our teams and all of our technicians hold current IRATA qualifications ensuring that every job is run with respect to the long established and highly developed working system. 


At Highline we encourage everyone to participate in maintaining a positive safety culture through regular open discussion. Our hazard identification and risk management systems ensure that every member of our staff is sufficiently briefed and trained so that each job is approached with consideration, competence and diligence. Our safety management systems have been externally audited by
impac PREQUAL.


We approach every task with a site-specific rescue plan tailored to the specific considerations of the job and location. To make this achievable we ensure that all our technicians are regularly trained and refreshed in a variety of rescue techniques with both in house training and at regular IRATA industrial abseiling training courses. 

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