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Concrete repair / Crack repair with epoxy injection / Protective Coatings / Water ingress repair / Glazing


Concrete is not the all-enduring material it is
often thought to be and many poorly designed
or constructed structures require considerable maintenance to prolong service life. Highline offer a range of remedial services to repair damage to concrete structures.



Concrete crack repair with a high strength two-part epoxy system provides an effective solution for concrete damage, from hairline
cracks right through to structural repairs. It is an ideal fix for
damage caused by earthquakes. Once cured, these repairs
will be two to three times stronger than the original concrete.



Concrete spalls are unsightly and become hazardous if left untreated. We combine our concrete diagnostic services to identify the cause and extent of rebar corrosion and restore spalled areas with a seamless finish.



Modern buildings may seem pretty static but large structures are in fact quite dynamic. They expand and contract with the seasons and 

throughout the day, responding to solar effects and the cooler night air. They react against wind pressure and aerodynamic lift. They erode and absorb chlorides and sulphates. They suffer from carbonation, oxidation and freeze-thaw. It is best practice for regular scheduled joint replacement and for commercial buildings to be periodically inspected for failed and open joints.


Building leaks are a common problem and Wellington's notorious high winds combined with heavy rains make leaks a regular issue for building and facilities managers. Highline have the knowledge and resources to locate and resolve all types of leaks. We utilise a range of sealants and membranes to enable us to deliver lasting repairs and follow up every job with a comprehensive report featuring further observations noticed at the location.










If you have cracked glass, smashed 
glass, frame corrosion or just tired looking glass we provide service to inspect, replace and restore any defective panels and corroded beading. We do our research to ensure we can offer the closest glass match to the existing unit.


Highline offer a high quality and cost-effective glazing service for a variety of glazing systems, such as steel frame. We have rope access qualified glazers enabling us to provide a consolidated glazing service, removing any need for MEWPs. 
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